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3 Month Plan 


-Personalized Wellness Plan

-6 1:1 zoom calls (45 minutes)

-Comprehensive food + supplement guide based on your unique bio-individuality

-Lifestyle Support Guide based on symptoms + goals

-Text and/or email support to answer questions in between calls

Who would benefit from this plan?

If you are struggling with symptoms such as:



-Brain Fog

-Constipation/loose stool

-Overwhelm + inability to make decisions

-Food Sensitivities

-Lowered Mood/Anxiety


-Muscle aches

-Skin rashes

It is likely related to an imbalnced gut!

You are more likely to be successful following a structured plan with a beginning, middle and an end. 

Embracing + implementing a healthy lifestyle takes dedication, consistency and support! We are much more likely to see results when we have someone to help guide us and hold us accountable in our journey. I am here to hold space, educate + answer questions and gently guide you while YOU transform your body. 

Crystal Salt

Program details


Bio-Individual Diet

We all have our own relationship to food. It is a way to connect with others, comfort ourselves and break up the day. It is also an essential healing tool. Supporting our bodies with nutrient dense foods can positively impact our gut health, mental health and blood sugar levels. In contrast, processed + packaged foods have harmful chemicals and inflammatory oils that can damage the gut lining + contribute to symptoms. Click to learn more about nutrient dense foods + simple meals. 


Nervous System Support

Did you know that the nervous system and stress response has a major impact on the gut? If the body senses danger signals, it will divert blood flow from the stomach to the heart and extremities, impacting digestion. The body needs to be relaxed, in the parasympathetic nervous system in order for proper digestion + nutrient absorption. Click for more information on calming the sympathetic nervous system and supporting relaxation.


Support + Guidance

Support, guidance and accountability are major factors for success. I am someone who has personally dealt with the ups and downs of healing my body and I have tried just about everything. I really do understand what you are going through and how chronic illness can negatively affect your quality of life. I want you to see results and be able to experience health + happiness + abundant energy so you can fully enjoy your life! Click to learn more about my journey, certification and education. 

A lot can happen in a three months!


I spent the better part of five years struggling to feel better. I tried so many different diets, juice cleanses, high fat, fasting, supplements, herbs, you name it! It wasn't until I discovered the root cause of my issues and committed to a protocol did I see experience results. The body is incredibly resilient and with consistent effort and prioritizing ourselves, we can see results, often quickly. 

My journey started with a 21 day Functional Medicine Detox, which you can read more about here. The key was removing the toxicities that had built up and replacing the deficiencies. Chronic illness and related symptoms do not happen overnight. There is often a triggering event that acts as a catalyst to reveal what has been building up over years or decades. 

For me, most of my "healing journey" has been spent searching for answers, going to different doctors and specialists but given no real, actionable steps to feel better. Some things I tried gave me temporary relief and there was even a period of about a year or so where I thought I had found the answer and that this was all behind me. 

The healing protocol I've followed is the same on I use in my practice, because I know it works, not just for me but for many others. 

I want to get you started right away, so you can begin to experience the life-changing benefits of a structured protocol + supportive practitioner.

Price: $600 || monthly payment plans available!

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