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Nervous System Support

Q: How is your nervous system related to healing?

A: It might be the most important aspect of healing your body and reducing chronic symptoms. 


How Stress + Nervous system Dysregulation Affects Our Health: 

Our nervous system is quite literally a bundle of nerves that send and receive electrical impulses to our brain and the rest of the body. Stress can literally break down our bodies and cause systemic inflammation and is medically proven to contribute to a wide array of issues affecting just about everyone.  An over stimulated nervous system can manifest in many different ways, but most commonly people experience: 



-Hormonal Imbalances


-Joint pain

-High Blood pressure

-Skin diseases

and more

Balancing the body is a whole system process. You cannot simply eat a perfect diet, exercise and take supplements and expect to experience a deep, long lasting connection with your new identity and enjoy a deeper connection to yourself and life around you.

"Growing sustainably means knowing yourself and how much you can handle. If we push ourselves too hard, we may fall into exhaustion and want to stop the work altogether." - Yung Pueblo, Lighter.


Taking time for yourself to rest + reflect on your healing journey is essential. Along with personalized food + protocol recommendations, I will also challenge you to explore different ways of enjoying down time. This may look different for everyone, but simply put: you need time in your day where you are experiencing connection with yourself. You need to have quiet time, away from screens, messages or TV. The good news is that when we bring awareness to our stress, we are able to make adjustments and take the necessary action to regulate and break the stress cycle. 

Some of my favorite nervous system supports are: 

-Guided Meditation or Binaural Beats

-Epsom Salt Baths

-Self Massage with Oil (abhyanga)



-Brain Retraining 


-Gratitude practice




A healthy nervous system is less reactive, less prone to making impulsive decisions, and more embracing of change. It is an essential piece of the healing puzzle and can not be skipped!



-Breathing problems



-Brain Fog

Candles & Plants
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