5 Smoothies//Under 5 Ingredients

Simple. Tasty. Energizing.

Getting started with a healthy morning routine doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to involve spending hours in the kitchen either. In fact, if you're on the go or just basically lazy (me, right here!) smoothies are a great go-to for morning nourishment.

Here are some reasons to incorporate a daily smoothie into your morning life:

  1. Smoothies are hydrating! Ideally the first thing you drink in the morning is water but if that's not your thing, no worries! Most fruit has a high water content and generally fruits contain electrolytes like potassium and natural sugars that may attract water and nutrients into cells, which is where you really benefit.

  2. It takes less than 5 minutes to throw some fruit in a blender and call it a meal. No need to dirty up dishes or cook anything, fruit, blend, go.

  3. Fruit is best in the morning. Because of it's high water content and easy digestibility it's best to have fruit alone or before other foods. Basically, it digests at a quicker rate than any other food so you're less likely to encounter bloating or discomfort. (This could have a post all on it's own).

  4. Ummm, they're delicious??? Maybe you don't have a smoothie every day but think about every time you do, it's like, "Wow! this is soo good why don't I do this everyday?" Well, now you can.

  5. Smoothies give you energy, make you feel lighter and are full of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients to support your immune system and protect the body from free-radical damage.

There are a million different options for smoothies and endless combinations. I'm going to share 5 of my GO TO smoothie recipes under 5 ingredients for you to try at home!


Berry Cherry Superfood


-2 Bananas

-1 Cup Frozen Wild Blueberries

-1/2 Cup Frozen Cherries

-1tsp Lions Mane Powder

-1tsp Reishi Mushroom Powder

-1/2 -1 Cup Coconut Water

Blend all ingredients together in a blender and enjoy!

I personally opt for frozen fruit when making smoothies because it makes the smoothie nice and cool, frozen fruit keeps longer and the price for organic is usually better. For blueberries I recommend using Wild over conventional. They have more nutritional value and a higher antioxidant content. You can see the difference in color when you make the switch. I like the Trader Joes Brand or Wyman's Brand.

The mushroom powders are optional but they add a nice nutty flavor and offer significant benefits for immune and brain health. I personally use the OM brand because it's what I can find easily at my local health food store.


Strawberry Banana Oat


-2 Bananas

-2 Cups fresh or frozen strawberries

-1 Cup Oat Milk

Blend ingredients together and enjoy!

You can use any non-dairy milk you like but the oat milk makes it nice and creamy! I usually do not use plant milk in smoothies because fruit+fat is not an ideal combo, but it is a delicious one so every now and then I make an exception.

When using store bought plant milk, make sure it has ingredients your can pronounce, my favorite brand is Oatly! Oatmilk. It is also very easy to make your own oatmilk.

If you're using water for this smoothie then add 3 pitted dates to add sweetness and texture.


Sweet Green


-2 Bananas

-2 Handfuls of spinach

-3 Dates

-1-2 Cups of water or fresh apple juice

This is a great way to get your greens in while still having a sweeter smoothie. Dates are such a great option for sweetening smoothies, home made plant milk, non-dairy deserts and satisfying that sweet tooth. Make sure to pit them before blending or buy them pitted.

I opt for Organic spinach as often as possible to minimize pesticide exposure. If you DO use apple juice make sure it's unfiltered and 100% juice. I like Martinelli's Brand.


Tropical Bliss


-1 Banana

-2 Cups diced papaya

-1 cup frozen mango or 1 fresh mango diced

-1 Cup coconut water

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

This smoothie is a super gut healer. Papaya is a very gentle fruit and is perfect for easing digestion. You can even include a few of the seeds for their powerful anti-parasitic cleansing abilities. Mango and bananas are also easy to digest and soothing on the stomach. Tropical and tree ripened fruit has a unique ability to heal gut imbalances and helps protect the immune system.


Aloe Berry


-3, 1 inch chunks fresh aloe vera or 1/2 a cup aloe vera juice.

-1 Cup wild blueberries

-1 Cup strawberries

-1 spoonful raw honey

-1 Cup coconut water or filtered water

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

Fresh aloe vera leaves can be found in most supermarkets and are relatively cheap. To prepare the aloe cut 1 inch long sections and separate the skin from the inner filet using a sharp knife.

Cut the ends off the sections and then slide the knife between the top of the skin and the inner (gel) filet. Imagine filleting a fish. You can soak the cut aloe in water for 10 minutes to reduce bitterness.

Aloe is superb for digestive health, is hydrating and helps keep the body alkaline. Click here for more aloe vera benefits.


And there you have it! 5 smoothies under 5 ingredients. Try to have fun and come up with your own unique combinations! These smoothies cover a wide range of tastes and colors and are sure to make your morning routine more enjoyable and hopefully make your life easier!

You may have noticed I don't add yogurt or kefir. I am not a huge fan of adding fat/dairy or probiotics to smoothies. Mainly because I don't believe it's necessary. It adds more cost, time and energy. Most importantly, fruit is best combined with other fruit and delicate greens and should not be combined with fats, as a general rule of thumb. You'd be surprised how delicious smoothies can be without milk or yogurt! Yes, even plant-milk and plant yogurts. Happy Smoothie-ing..?!


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