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My Honest Review of the Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) Certification Program.

If you have been curious about which certification program would benefit you in your personal or professional life, this is an in depth review of the IHP Program.

To learn more about the program click the link to download the curriculum and hear more about it!

As some of you know, I recently signed up for a health coaching certification through the IHP program. I wanted to give my honest review based on my experience in the program and break down what it has to offer, timelines, price and all that good stuff.

If you have decided to want to learn more about health, either for yourself, to help loved ones or as a part time or full time job, there are so many programs out there to choose from.

I completed IIN back in April of 2020 after going through my own health crisis. The program was nice but I will say that it was not very comprehensive, didn’t offer any practical solutions - other than what you might learn from a podcast or health influencer - and it was quite overpriced for what it was (in my opinion, but I know a lot of others feel the same way). It was very surface level for general well-being. They have since added more courses on gut health and hormones, but at an additional cost.

So, feeling like I wanted a deeper level of education on health and specifically addressing chronic illnesses, functional medicine labs, supplements and protocols, root causes of disease and finally, steps to heal, I had narrowed it down to two programs. IHP and NTA. If you are in the health and wellness space, you may have heard about these or seen graduates on social media.

My understanding of the NTA program from NTAs I spoke with was that of more focused on using an ancestral diet to help balance blood sugar and more of a focus on animal proteins and fats. I do not believe they go in depth into detox protocols and I do not believe you have access to lab testing. It is not a self-paced course and I believe it costs a bit more than IHP - but if I am mistaken, please let me know!

I had been leaning toward IHP for a year after reading reviews, listening to podcasts and just checking out their program offerings. The IHP program is fairly new, I believe it debuted in 2018-2019. It was created by Dr. Stephen Cabral, board certified naturopath and integrative health practitioner. Dr. Cabral has had his own share of health challenges since he was just 17 years old. Diagnosed with Addisons disease, RA, type 2 diabetes, POTS and more, he went on to study health from almost every discipline out there to find answers.

This program is the culmination of that research, education and experience. The IHP program is comprised of the best of:

-Ayurvedic medicine

-Traditional Chinese Medicine + herbalism

-Orthomolecular Medicine

-Functional Medicine

-Traditional Naturopathy

-Eastern Philosophy

As you will learn in IHP or if you have an understanding of these branches of holistic medicine, the body is comprised of several intricate and interconnected systems. Everything from daily stress to hidden infections can cause one or more of these systems to become imbalanced - leading to dis-ease in the body.

In his book, “The Rain Barrel Effect,” Dr. Cabral goes in depth on the main causes of dis-ease in the body; specifically from cumulative toxin exposure either from the environment, personal care products or an internal stressors such as bacteria or viruses. After years of study he has found an efficient and effective way of systematically detoxing the body using traditional functional medicine as well as the concepts from ancient Ayurvedic medicine - the original medicine. The seven components of the DESTRESS protocol are diet, exercise, stress reduction and nervous system, toxin removal, rest/recovery, emotional balance, targeted supplementation and success mindset.

Level 1 of IHP goes over each of these steps in great detail along with informative slides and relevant books and podcasts for continuing education. I can honestly say, it is a TON of information. Level 1 includes about 50 hours or so of lessons across all modules and another 50 hours of continuing education with relevant podcasts.

All of the information was presented in such an approachable way and in terms that anyone could understand. I have taken other certifications and this course is by FAR superior in the depth of knowledge, extra materials, handouts and podcasts as well as a step-by-step approach to help someone heal - no matter where they currently are or what symptoms they may be experiencing.

If you are looking for a step-by-step course on the root causes of dis-ease, the specific protocols + supplements to use to heal - you are in the right place. Everything is covered from what specific foods to incorporate or eliminate, exercise programs for anyone (even if they are in burnout), simple stress reduction techniques and what supplements to take for what and when. You also get a detailed explanation on the WHY to do all of these things. HOW the body got to this state of dis-ease in the first place and how to take your power back.

Course Outline:

Module 1 is a Welcome module explaining the program basics, foundations and why it is so essential to learn about natural health.

Module 2 is Diet. The focus is on Bio-Individualization. You will learn the foundations of all diets, clearing confusion around different diets, weight loss, weight maintenance and weight gain plans, fasting protocols, protocols for rebuilding digestion and food sensitivity desensitization.

Module 3 is Exercise. You will learn the importance and benefits of exercise, even in chronically ill people. Individual program overviews, what type is recommended for whom and how to choose the right program for you or your clients.

Module 4 is all about Stress! You will learn the effects of stress on the body, how it affects female hormones, thyroid, blood sugar and weight Ian. As well as how it affects digestion and immune function. Which labs to run and how to use nutritional supplements and food to balance stress.

Module 5 is Toxin removal. You will learn about why they are so damaging to the body, where they come from, product swaps, how to safely remove them, the modern day Ayurvedic Panchakarma and the functional medicine detox protocol.

Module 6 covers Rest and how to reset your nervous system. You learn about the autonomic nervous system, the HPA Axis and how stress and cortisol affect the body. Specific activities and tools to repair the brain and body. When to begin challenging the nervous system again and how to buffer the brain-body connection and live stress free.

Module 7: Emotional Balance. This goes in depth on how to create emotional balance, the 9 Toxic emotions that are holding people back, uncover your limiting beliefs and discover the real you, how to overcome anxiety, overwhelm and procrastination and how to been living your best emotionally balanced life.

Module 8: The wonderful world of SUPPLEMENTS! Why it’s needed, misconceptions about supplements and the difference between functional medicine and conventional supplements. Short term vs. long term usage, which supplements are right for which person, how to choose the right foundational protocol, different add ons and how to create a personalized supplement protocol based on needs and symptoms.

Module 9: Success Mindset. Honestly, this may have been my favorite module. After learning so much about health and how to help people, you may feel a little overwhelmed. This module and the accompanying podcasts got me SO hyped and in the right state of mind to continue my journey. You learn how to challenge your belief system, the 5 problems holding us back from success, 10 ways to transform your lives and others, how to set a vision for your life, how to help clients achieve their goals, daily success and journaling techniques, and how to create a thriving practice.

Each module has about 7 lessons at about 30-40 minutes each.


Level 2 of IHP goes into Functional Medicine lab testing. Dr. Cabral’s company Equi.Life is the main resource for functional grade supplements and lab testing. They are actually the first company to ship at home lab tests around the world and makes it very easy to complete lab testing at home, without the need for a doctors visit. The labs also come with a complementary review with one of the health coaches and a protocol based on the results. These are the best labs in the world including Great Plains, Analytical Research Company (HTMA) and more! All labs maintain confidentiality and do not sell your information.

You will learn the ins and outs of most of the major functional medicine lab tests, including the OAT, HTMA, Omega 3/6 Inflammation markers, Hormones and thyroid, Food Sensitivity, Bacteria, parasite and stool test and more. He goes through each lab and breaks down what it’s used for, when it’s used, who would run it, how to run it and how to interpret the results. From there he goes into detail on what protocol to recommend and how and when to complete them.

This is honestly the most in-depth and comprehensive program I know of. Not only do you learn how to read lab tests for clients, you, as a practitioner, have access to the best of the best, the top brands of functional lab testing at no extra charge.

He gives the exact protocols he uses in his practice that has helped over 300,000 people. Since he has amassed so much data with lab testing, he has been able to hone in on what protocols and products actually work and has been able to replicate the results based on data and not just guesswork. You will review actual case studies and he goes line by line on what how to interpret the data, what it means and why those values would occur. Honestly, he has thought of everything and is extremely well versed in healing chronic illness and dis-ease of the body.

What’s great about this course is that you go at your own pace, can access it from anywhere and you get lifetime access to the content. There is an app where you can access your modules from as well as links to all the podcasts.

PLUS there is a very comprehensive career bonus module, a practitioner support Facebook page and live Q&A days with Dr. Cabral. If you have never heard of him or want to know more about the person you will be learning from, I highly recommend checking out his podcast “The Cabral Concept,” or getting a copy of his book “The Rain Barrel Effect.” I feel confident with the knowledge I gained from taking this course and I am still about halfway into Level 2. Even just a level I certification provides you with more than enough information and step-by-step process to help yourself, family, friends or potential clients.

I am so glad I finally took the leap and enrolled, this program found me at a time when I needed it most. I was in between healing protocols from other practitioners and I just felt like I needed more information and my OWN information. I am very much a DIYer when it comes to health and this made everything so much easier. I immediately did the 21 day FMD and started the gut healing CBO protocol afterwards. I feel better than I’ve felt in years and I am so confident I am on the right track now.

Since I lab tested through Equi.Life I actually know where my deficiencies are, what level of bacterial overgrowth I am dealing with and the correct supplements for how to treat it. Plus, they gave me an OAT test just for enrolling - which is a $300 value in itself. He really wants you to succeed and help as many people as you can, because we all so desperately need healing! Even if you don’t use the information for starting a business, the lessons learned are truly invaluable to help yourself or family members live a longer, happier and healthier life. 10/10 would recommend IHP!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment below!


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